Community Groups

Our faith is ultimately about what God has done for us in Jesus. It is about how a good and loving father made a way for a rebellious people to be restored at great cost to himself. Jesus died for us because he loves us, so we might know him, and in knowing him, that we might know the Father who sent him. We trust what has been done on our behalf, and we are changed. We have received the gift of life through Jesus as an unmerited gift. 

We come to faith in Jesus individually, but he unites us to other believers corporately. We best grow in our knowledge of Jesus within the church, the body of Christ. On Sundays, we proclaim the Word of God, affirm the truth that he is better than anything this world has to offer, remind one another of the depth of his love and mercy show in Jesus—all for the glory of God. 

But we also need to hear how God is working in the lives of others. We need to discuss how we are hurting or rejoicing, to laugh and cry in good times and bad, to learn from our brothers’ and sisters’ experiences with God, to wrestle with how to apply Scripture to our every day lives, to work out together what it looks like to live a life of love in a broken world. We need a faith family that models the love of God for us and that is honest with us in a way that we can hear what they have to say because we know they love us.

At Anchor, our mission is to know Jesus and make him known. This kind of community will show the reality of the gospel, of how people can be set free from sin and death to live a life that glorifies God regardless of the temporary circumstances we find ourselves in. This is why we value community groups. Not only do they help us know Jesus better through his Word and through the Spirit’s work in the lives of other believers, but they also provide an opportunity to invite others to see what it is like to be a part of the family of God and to hear the message of they can join that family. 

At Anchor Church we believe that life is lived best in community! By joining a community group, you will be able to dig deeper into Scripture week by week alongside others. Please sign up so that our leaders can reach out to you and make appropriate preparations. You will see the available times on the sign up form.