What to Expect on Sundays

Those who know Jesus have been joined together as God’s family. We gather as a family each Sunday to focus our hearts and minds on the grace God has shown us through Jesus. This gospel is the good news of grace. The gospel changes the way we view reality. It impacts everything we think, say and do. Because the gospel story is so central to our lives, we intentionally seek to structure our time on Sundays to remind one another of the good news. We sing, pray, give, and read and study Scripture together as a response to God’s love for us.

Although this might seem a little strange if you are new to church, we would love for you to come and experience what it is like to be part of our community. Come and see if the truth we are celebrating resonates with your heart.

Here are some questions you might have. 

Q. How long are the meetings?

Our meetings last approximately 75 minutes (10:30-11:45 am).  

Q. Is there something for my kids?

We provide care for newborns up to children in the fifth grade. Pre-school aged children and above will learn simple Bible lessons together as they play.

Q. How should I dress? 

You can dress however you feel most comfortable. Most of us dress pretty casual.

Q. Will I be singled out?

Nope. We will not ask visitors to stand and be recognized, pray, answer questions, or come down front.

Q. Will I be asked to give money?

Every week there is a brief offering time. If you are a visitor, we are not asking for your money. Giving is something for members and regular attenders who are on board with our mission and want to partner with us in sharing the good news of Jesus. Click here to read more.

Q. What are the sermons like?

We preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, book-by-book. We believe that Scripture offers the most compelling answers to our questions about life; who we are, and what we are supposed to be doing, and how we deal with difficulties in life. You can listen to some of our sermons here.

Q. What is the music like?

There is not one defining style of music. The common thread is that it is all meant to focus us on the truth of the gospel and its impact on our lives.